Instagram forever and never.
That's not what she looks like at all so stop your lying.

Sorry you don’t believe it, but that’s exactly what she looks like. I promise.

It's good to be back

Glad to hear it ;)

Describe her through your eyes.

She’s got dark hair and a beautiful smile with a beautiful personality to match it. She laughs at all my stupid jokes, and I just wanna kiss her all the time. It just sucks that distance is gonna keep us apart.

Welcome back.

What's her name?

She knows. That’s all that matters.

Why are you not okay?

Because things haven’t necessarily been going how I would’ve liked them to go..and it’s kind of making me feel really terrible.

Nigga go to warped tour

Can’t dude. Work is a very real thing. Can’t swing it.

I’m really not okay.

Are you in love?

Completely. With the wrong girl.

It's because you're not likable bro

I don’t even know what this is in response to, but I guess in the scheme of things, I am pretty fucking unlikable.